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Top score for Weri fan Pier's-Hiem (Wytse x Doaitsen)

Weri fan Pier's-Hiem was the highest earner in June 2020 during the final assessment of the ABFP test. First, this 5-year-old daughter of Wytse 462 Sport-Elite AAA (out of a Ster AA mare by Doaitsen 420) recorded a top score of 87 points under saddle in the two-week test and during the subsequent inspection she was also declared Ster and received awarded them a first premium. With her truly exemplary use of the hind leg and a surplus of suppleness, translated by the jury into the maximum 9 for the trot, she laid the foundation for this result. At the beginning of 2020, Weri finished third among the four-year-old mares in the Pavo Fryso Bokaal with rider Sietske Brouwer. A great success for breeder/owner Murk de Jong from Tjalleberd.

Source: Phryso

Photo: Johanna Faber

Weri fan Pier's-Hiem Ster AAA (Wytse 462 Sport-Elite AAA x Doaitsen 420 Sport)

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