COBY KRUIS TEL: 06–46234423
B.G.G. JAN KRUIS TEL: 06-34336701

Breeding conditions

Van Wytse 462 Sport-Elite AAA is available 7 days a week and can be ordered daily during the breeding season 2021 at HVM Stal in Hoornsterzwaag, Ancilla Bruggink 06-51923992 or at Stalhouderij Kruis, Coby Kruis 06-46234423 ( Please before 09:00 to order)

Stud fee for Wytse 462 Sport-Elite AAA is € 700, - this is excluding VAT and shipping costs

Veterinary guidance is available and is provided by Veterinary Center 'De Greidhoeke' from Bolsward

Covering conditions in accordance with the Association of Stallion Owners, which have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Deventer.

When you bring your mare to the station at Stalhouderij Kruis, the stable and/or grazing fee for your mare (and foal) is free for the first five days, after which € 6.00 excluding VAT per day is charged. For correct administration, we ask you to provide a copy of the mare's studbook certificate and the owner's address details at the first insemination. Please remember that you are obliged to take the passport with you when transporting your mare.

Livery stables Kruis does not accept any liability for damage, illness or injury to people, animals, means of transport or otherwise.

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