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Wytse 462 Sport-Elite AAA

Arjen 417 x Oege 267 Pref. x Reitse 272 pref.
Stick size: 1.66m
Relatedness: 17.5%
Inbreeding: 1.56%
Tribe: 15
Breeder/Owner: J.A.M. Cross, Hey

Sport: Small Tour with profit points

The canter is uphill with a powerful hindquarter, impulsion and a lot of quality of collection. The walk is very tactful, striding actively with much scope and suppleness.

Stable behavior: Honest reliable stallion, easy to handle and calm in the stable and in the pasture.

The pride of Stalhouderij Kruis, Sport-Elite stallion Wytse 462. This sturdy son of Arjen 417 comes from line 15 and was bred by Jan Kruis from Heeg, KFPS breeder of the year 2012. Mother of Wytse is the star Preferent mare Wilinda K, she produced 6 Star offspring. Grandmother Rix Model+ Preferent was also a successful broodmare, she produced two preferent daughters Margriet K. and Wilinda K. Rix won no less than 6 times a 1st premium in the period 1991-1996.

Wytse passed his performance test with flying colours. the stallion got very nice marks, especially for the walk (8 and 8.5) this walk is very spacious and powerful. The stallion also managed to score an 8 twice for the running element. The stallion is very intelligent and very friendly. The stallion also seems to pass on these positive qualities to his offspring. Meanwhile, 17 descendants have achieved a 1st premium. The stallion has been judged very positively in terms of exterior, he has a deep black color, lots of wallpaper, a beautiful noble head with a beautiful glance and fine legs.

Wytse is very successful in dressage sport, he became champion of Friesland in the class M2 in 2014 and 7th at the Hippiade in Ermelo. Wytse is a light tour with profit points and can therefore carry the Elite status behind his name. Wytse shows a lot of work ethic, a powerful use of the hind leg and has a very cooperative character. Wytse stands out for his very good canter in which he can collect, half-pass and make pirouettes very well.

Despite the fact that Wytse 462 has been given fewer opportunities in both a quantitative and qualitative sense than his contemporaries, the offspring make a big impression. They stand out because of their expressive and breed-typical heads with usually a lot of wallpaper, their remarkably good walk and strong topline. Wytse has a star percentage of 41% and he also has various sport, crown and AAA offspring.


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